These were made in September to December 2008 and are charcoal pen and ink water colour etc. on paper. They are at least life size. I would like to show them all together at some stage.


Julian Opie’s work is mesmeric; the loops have some of the quality of watching a diablo in motion. Julian’s works in Dublin were smooth, elegant and sophisticated and at the same time, both accessible and impersonal; they were extremely attractive.
The response to this work explored some of the things it was not … the idiosyncratic, the unsophisticated, the erratic, the spontaneous, the childlike, and most particularly the personal.
We created a counterpoint collection of animated sequences.
Students were invited to celebrate and explore difference and similarity both in terms of physical looks and in movement.
At the time people were beginning to imagine erratic moves in the cycles of the sculptures.. wishful thinking! ... at the end of the day its also a comment on these works from an animators point of view.

Jaques the sub-aqua spider

I'm Jaques the sub-aqua spider
I live under the sea
I weave my web in the shape of a bell
and glide around so carelessly
I breathe the air I catch in my hair
and float around without a care
I'm Jaques the sub aqua spider
Because nobody knows that I'm there

jaques first swim
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short sequence from first attempt at Flash animation.
This is actually a song

mountain man

mountain man
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my very first animation done with dolls house windows and a mouse, I think it has a certain edgy thing going for it

Here are a few mosaics. I used to make these when my daughter was small because they didn't take as much concentration as painting.. they are all stuck onto plywood and grouted with cement.. they are scattered here and there about the house, the mermaid is in Mayo

a few flower paintings